Research Center for Thermotolerant Microbial Resources

松下 一信


Director of RCTMR
Specially Appointed Professor
Faculty of Agriculture
Yamaguchi University

Tel: +81-83-933-5858
Fax: +81-83-933-5859

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Research Interest

Development of high-temperature fermentation system with thermotolerant fermentative microbes and elucidation of their thermotolerance mechanism
Microbial fermentation is important in bio-industry, e.g. not only in brewing or food production but also in the production of medicinal intermediates or products. Facing with a global climate change, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve stable fermentation without high labor investment in the management of fermentor systems and large expense for cooling energy. We aim to develop useful thermotolerant microbes that are capable of stable fermentation at 40˚C or more. For that purpose, we have isolated such a thermotolerant microbes from tropical environments and also bred thermally adapted strains by experimental evolution. Next, we have tried to understand the mechanism of thermotolerance by examining the physiological characterization and comparative genomics of the thermotolerant or thermally adapted strains. Based on our knowledge of the thermotolerance mechanism, we aim to modify genes and/or cultivation conditions to enable the strains to perform fermentation efficiently even at high temperatures. We have performed such studies with vinegar-prooducing and sorbose-fermenting acetic acid bacteria, ethanol-producing yeasts and Zymomonas mobilis, and amino acid-producing Corynebacterium glutamicum, with many colleagues from in and outside of our department. In this collaborative work, I am responsible for the works with acetic acid bacteria and C. glutamicum.

Recent Selected Publications

  1. Kazunobu Matsushita: Respiratory Chain and Energy Metabolism of Corynebacterium glutamicum in "Corynebacterium glutamicum", Microbiology Monographs 23, H. Yukawa and M. Inui (eds.) , Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 315-334 (2013)