Background of RCTMR

   Microbial research has become crucial in view of global problems such as climate change and widespread drought, expansion of infectious diseases, food supply crises, increased food waste, and the need for new energy sources such as biofuels. These global issues are particularly significant in tropical areas and Asian countries where available water is limited.  In order to solve or mitigate these problems, it has been proposed that thermotolerant microorganisms be utilized, which are mesophilic microorganisms capable of growing at slightly higher temperatures, as well as semi-thermophilic functional microorganisms. In addition, there is a need for the detection and regulation of pathogenic microorganisms, the outbreak of which is expected under climate change conditions, in line with further developments of interdisciplinary microbiology.  Against this background, in Yamaguchi University, international research collaboration has been performed based on the JSPS-NRCT Core University Program (1998-2008)・Asian Core Program (2009-2012)・Core to Core Program (2014~2018) on “Development of Thermotolerant Microbial Resources and Their Application”, as well as on the JSPS International Joint Research (2008-2012)・MEXT International Collaborative Research Program (2010~2013)・JST-JAICA SATREPS (2014~2018).  Furthermore, vital research collaboration has been undertaken actively within our university based on the “Microbial Research Promoting Community”, as approved by our university (2004-2008/2009-2015), in which many researchers and students (~150 individuals) participate from all science-related faculties of our University, the Faculties of Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine. 

   On the basis of the above activities, the Research Center for Thermotolerant Microbial Resources (RCTMR) was established in September 2009, as an institution of the Faculty of Agriculture (from April 2012, as one of both Faculty of Agriculture and Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine). Since then, from December 2014, we have newly started as a strategic base in Research Center for Advanced Science and Innovation of Yamaguchi University.